Late Late Toy Show – an event in our household

It’s the Late Late Toy show tomorrow night, one of the longest running chat shows in the world and the Late Late show has been on every weekend from Sept-May for years.

When I was a child, I was always envious of the Billy Barry kids, staying up for the toy show was always an exciting event but it never quite lived up to expectation, I always felt slightly disappointed after it.

My two love the toy show, they are insisting on staying up tomorrow night even though they have a swimming lesson on Saturday morning. I’ve a feeling we’ll be forgoing the swimming lesson. I know plenty of people that don’t let their kids stay up and instead they record it or watch the replay on Sunday morning or ignore it completely.

We will have pizza tomorrow night and fizzy drinks (a huge treat), the kids will put on their PJs and bring down their duvets and as the fire dies down and we all get tired, we’ll all snuggle under the duvets.


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