An Ode to Luthien Amarach

We purchased a new pup about two months ago and she’s settling in well. Luthien is from one of JRR Tolkien’s books and Amarach means tomorrow or of the future. No prizes for guessing who chose the names if you know the reading habits of our daughter!

A poet, Brian O’Domhnallain, very kindly sent me a poem about our new collie and you can follow him on Twitter if you’d like to see more poems, many about farming and nature. Here’s a recent one about cows missing the farmer who milked them.

Today’s day-tripping heifers

You know, the maiden ones

The first to see Lorna’s new collie

Will he bark as they bellow

And win the silence fall

Will he ever vigil be

As they in pasture ruminate

Through their springing days

And will they be as good

In the stall with electric hum

As those who before them stood

Time will tell all soon enough

And all will have their day

Luthien Amarach

Here’s hoping she will be a good working dog. She’s certainly showing good promise with the cows. She’s a little nervous but she’s very young. And yes, we are all besotted with her. Even our 9 year old dog, who can be a bit irritated by her messing about, will play with her on occasion. Unfortunately, the fact that he is slowing up is now even more apparent now that we have an energetic pup.


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