Making Coffee Cake

Making Coffee CakeThe Irish Country Living magazine recently had a competition to promote a Ballymoloe cookery demonstration and course – it was all about ‘Slow Food’ and how valuable grandparents can be in teaching children how to cook, how to bake, how to appreciate cooking from scratch and sharing some traditional and ‘handed-down’ recipes with them so I suggested to my mum that she and Kate have a go.

First, we had to make the decision re what to make. The first recipe my mum did share with Kate was for her scones – they are my mum’s ‘signature dish’ and she bakes them regularly for any community, parish, school event that requires ‘traybakes’ and they are all eaten very quickly.March 2013 2 050

However, we felt that might be a tad too traditional so opted for my mum’s coffee cake which is also a firm favourite with family and visitors. Kate had made this before with mum but we had to get some photos! ?I never make it as nice as my mum does so I was paying attention too while taking photos!

I guess I’d better provide the recipe 🙂 It’s just Victoria sponge with some coffee added I think but here goes 🙂

Ruby’s Coffee Cake

March 2013 2 0568 oz butter

8 oz castor sugar

8oz self raising flour

4 medium eggs

1 dessertspoon of IREL coffee essence


4 oz butter?6 oz icing sugar


Cream butter and sugar till pale in colour. Add eggs slowly. Fold in sieved flour, add in coffee essence. Pour into two greased 8 inch tins and bake at 170degrees Celsius for 25 min.

Cool on a wire rack.

Mix the butter and icing sugar together, adding a little of the coffee essence. Sandwich cakes together.


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