On the first day of Christmas, a Farmer Date Night Mug

Can you believe it is the 1st of December? Where did November, not to mention the rest of the year, go? I have one month left to complete the to-do list I created at the beginning of the year – eeeek.

After all this IFA furore, it’s time for some fun so I’m going to do 12 Days of Christmas giveaways with a different giveaway each day so do stay tuned.

I’m creating merchandise from some of the illustrations in the book and this is one of my favourites. Spouses of farmers know that the only way to see them during the busiest times of year such as calving, lambing and harvesting is to head out to the field with a picnic and sit on that bumpy tractor seat as you head off into the sunset together, only to turn around at the ditch and come back again. It’s one of the items in my Zazzle shop and I’m adding to it very slowly but getting there. A nice Christmas stocking gift or ideal for a hen party if she is marrying a farmer.

On the first day

For my first day of Christmas giveaway, you just have a leave a comment saying what is your favourite date, where you like to go for a night out. I’ll draw a winner on 13th December. Good luck.


Update: Names went in a hat and the winner is Leonie

5 thoughts on “On the first day of Christmas, a Farmer Date Night Mug

  • Muireasa

    New Year’s Eve, 2015/16, saw in the new year with my farmer boyfriend, assisting at a calving- little heifer BTW. Best date ever. Best New Year’s Eve ever. We got married last year, and we now have a little girl. Happy days!

  • Leonie

    During the busy summer season, if we ended up working late, I was sent off to the chipper on more then one occasion for dinner. Then we’d sit either in a field and eat it, or on the back of the bed of the jeep to eat it. Surveying the job done so far and enjoying a bit of banter. Gotta be thankful for those stolen moments, especially the unexpected ones!

  • Denise

    My perfect date night would be a cold stormy evening at Carlingford Loch…a pint of guinness with my loved one in front of a crackling fire in O’Hare’s pub….sheer bliss 🙂



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