Our Funky Kids

Where have I been? Yikes, I can scarcely believe it is weeks since I last wrote a post here! ?Write on Track is busier – more training which is great and long may it continue. I made the decision some time ago to close down / change Garrendenny Lane (final decision on that to be made in the spring) so I’ve been busy reducing stock items and with increased numbers of orders going out too in the run up to Christmas.

funky-kids-2012Our Funky Kids 2012

The kids have been preparing for their Christmas Funky Kids show for most of the term and put on two performances this week. The Funky Kids tutors are Denis and Olivia who work with all the kids in the school, teaching them how to sing and dance, have fun creating their own costumes and of course, growing in confidence. They first came to their school when Will was in Junior Infants so it’s been his fourth term and show with them and Kate’s third.

Funky-Kids-2011Funky Kids 2011

I’d wholeheartedly recommend Denis and Olivia to every primary school out there – it’s a brilliant experience for each and every child.

The school arranges for the show to be recorded each time and the children love watching the shows again and again. Lovely momento too of their time in primary school

funky-kids-2009Funky Kids 2009


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