Owner of a Wonderful Pet? Enter Nose of Tralee

NoseOfTralee.I loved the idea of ‘Nose of Tralee‘ when I heard of it – where cute and talented pets are judged and voted upon to represent their county and then the 32 finalists are judged to come up with first and second prize. Isn’t it a clever idea? People love their pets so much and so many animals have great skills and talents that this is a real opportunity to showcase them. Pets of all kinds can enter – from cats to iguanos and from ponies to snakes.

What can your pet do? Turn somersaults? Fetch the newpaper? Listen to you with empathy and understanding? Shakes paws / hands? ?I’m often amused by what some pet owners spend on their pets and if I admit it, I feel a bit guilty as to the lack of care our wonderful cattle dog gets. He gets lots of love and rub downs and praise ?but he also gets shouted at if the cattle go the wrong way!

We were testing cattle on Monday and I had memories of getting cattle in from those fields when I was a young girl, without a dog, and having to run around and up and down to get some of the cattle out of the field – having a dog makes it so much easier and he absolutely loves it. ?He wouldn’t steal the show on appearance though – dreadlocks with dung in don’t look the best!

The hardworking farm dog

I’ve been asked to be one of the judges of the Nose of Tralee competition so I’m looking forward to that and it alleviates my guilt of not getting my dog groomed and taking a photo or video of him skillfully rounding up cattle tomorrow when we are reading the TB test – wish us luck, we really don’t want to be locked up! (Don’t worry, we won’t be in gaol, being locked up means we wouldn’t be able to sell any cattle until we have two clear tests in row to prove free from tuberculosis)

You can enter the ‘Nose of Tralee‘ competition here and there are more details here. ?You need to describe your pet’s skill and upload a photograph. It is organised by Pet Sitters Ireland.


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