Rhubarb & Orange Cake

Loving rhubarb, I do love this rhubarb cake. I had a bag of frozen rhubarb in the freezer and decided to make it again last week – I know, as if we hadn’t had enough sweet stuff over the Christmas but this wasn’t chocolately or laden with rich fruit so it made a refreshing (although still perfect for my sweet tooth) change.

Rhubarb & Orange Cake with flaked almonds

400g rhubarb, chopped into 2 cm pieces (Will chopped them into 1 cm pieces but it was fine!)

200g golden caster sugar

150g softened butter

2 eggs, lightly beaten (This is Kate?s job)

75g self raising flour

Half tsp baking powder

100g ground almonds

Grated zest of 1 small orange (ours was large)

2 tbsps of orange juice

25 g flaked almonds

1. Preheat oven to 190C, gas mark 5. Grease a 23 cm springform cake tin and line its base with baking parchment. Place the rhubarb in a bowl and cover with 50g of the sugar.

2. With an electric whisk, beat together the rest of the sugar and the butter, then add the beaten egg. Using a metal spoon, fold in the flour, baking powder and ground almonds, then adding the zest and orange juice.

3. Stir in the rhubarb and its sugary juices and spoon into the prepared tin. Place on a baking tray, sprinkle over the flaked almonds and bake for 25 min. Reduce temp to 180C and cook for a further 20-25 min or until firm. Allow to cool in the tin for 10 min.

4. Serve warm or cold with softly whipped cream, custard or icecream. Enjoy.

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