I guess I was thinking about my regular readers rather than my new readers (from Imen’s blog) when I wrote yesterday’s post. I hesitated loads before hitting publish and then shut my eyes and clicked it and shut the laptop! ?Apologies to new readers – it’s normally a very normal farming blog I promise 🙂

This is our orphan goat Rolo who we never castrated and we now hope he has impregnated Becky and Megan and we’ll have more kids come spring. Partly to get them in milk again. ?If he succeeds with Becky, he’ll have succeeded where other goats have failed! ?As you’ll see in the photo, Kate was trying to wheel him around in her old pram but he kept standing up!

There’s not too many ‘farm’ photo opportunities at this time of the year. The cows are dry (not milking) and are indoors. ?Cattle (male) are being fattened and will start going to the factory from early January and the younger stock are indoors too.

3 thoughts on “Rolo

  • The newfarmerette

    The picture of the goat in the pram brings back memories 🙂 when I was about that age I got a pram and doll for christmas I wanted neither so I pulled the head off the only doll I ever got and I used to put the dog in the pram and push him up and down the yard 🙂

  • WiseMona

    Those posts are always the best, straight from the heart and with no time left lingering in the drafts folder. I am also rather partial to the blog posts about Rolo too though. Fingers crossed for Becky being pregnant!

    • Lorna

      Thanks Mona! We had to move Megan, Becky and Rolo to a different shed the other day and they hate change. I was away and Brian was putting them in. He said afterwards, if he’d had a gun, there would have been 3 dead goats lying out there. He eventually caught Becky by the leg and hauled her in and the others followed! He always tells me that I overexaggerate her vindictiveness so I had a good laugh



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