Sartorial Elegance…..????

The windmill is flying around since it was connected during the week. At times today, it almost sounded like a distant aeroplane at times but I think that is just because we are so used to the only noise being the birds around here.

Garrendenny  Windmill

I went up with the kids to see it and Kate insisted on taking some photos of me. Here I am wearing my very glamourous calf feeding gear.

Calves tend to suck at absolutely everything – from cuffs to your trousers so I tend to wear waterproof trousers over my jeans which end up absolutely filthy. ‘How do calves manage to suck me?’ you may ask. Well, in two of the sheds, there is a narrow path between the rows of pens and when you are feeding one side, the calves at the other side are so eager to get their milk, that they will puck you before they get it. Once they have got their milk, they will then change from pucking to sucking!

So, this is what I look like each morning when I’ve finished feeding the calves. If I have a meeting with a client, there’s a rush for a quick shower as I then grab something suitable to wear along with a pair of boots or heels and out the door. ?I’m going to the Charisma Bootcamp in April and I think I’ll definitely need Sonya Lennon’s ‘Look Your Best’ module on how to arrange my wardrobe so I can go clothes shopping without it being a chore and can have a more efficient wardrobe too. I quite like colour especially reds, hot pinks and greens and seem to be wearing black trousers with some shirt or top more and more!

I don’t even wear girly wellies as they just don’t last! Get the standard ones from the creamery which last a few years.

This photo gives you some perspective as to how high the windmill is, hence it gets plenty of wind. I was actually partly down the hill when I took this photo of Kate so it is very high.

We are still waiting for Megan to kid. We’re not 100% sure of her dates but are sure she’s overdue. Her udder is pretty full now and she’s almost as wide as she is long. I’m sure she is sick and tired of us going in to check on her, just as much as we are tired of checking her. These 2 goats might turn out to be as much work as the 120 cows! ?The anxiety is there because the goat labours have never been straighforward and we lost Polly last year, in a highly traumatic birth that upset both of us for days. It wasn’t just the loss of the goat but the trauma of her pain. Let’s hope all goes smoothly with Megan and Becky this spring.

Good news on the calf front. Honey, the premature heifer calf is still tiny but doing well. Twin heifer calves were born last week too and are about the same size as Honey so the three of them share a pen. The twins have been named Lily and Violet (my grandmothers’ names as it happens!) so am hoping the three of them will stay in the herd as have a soft spot for all three already.

5 thoughts on “Sartorial Elegance…..????

    • Lorna

      Yes, they have to come out and adjust something as the turbine cuts out too early when the wind gets strong so too early to see how much electricity will be produced from it but I will write about it again when we have more data.

  • The newfarmerette

    I love the calf feeding clothes ,someone else looks like me when they are on the yard . Calves really do suck on everything an it ruins your clothes. How much power is your windmill producing ? It’s up in a good place there must be lovely views from up there.

    • Lorna

      It’s been v quiet re wind since it got going. It produced about 200 the first week (but it shuts down if it is v v windy or if it the wind isn’t strong enough. We use an average of 700 in a week so I hope it improves! yes, we’re up pretty high, fab views, fabulous on a sunny day like today.
      And yes, Calves suck absolutely everything – I was in two minds about putting up the photo!

  • Rachel krerchnyak

    Good job Lorna, more and more i see how we need to protect our home industry, obviously it is not just farming , but I think so many are buying cheap rubbish food which doesnt make sense , when we are producing some of the best in the world. I think farmers need to lobby for more taxing on imports and making Irish food more of an option for the average shopper. Anyway it’s my pet peeve. I can’t bare to see us losing our farming traditions. So I’m glad you are doing this and making a diffence. Blessings Rachel



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