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Ten Reasons To Marry A Farmer

Why should you marry a farmer? Are they not mean and miserly, hard task masters, unromantic and surly souls? Are they the beggars of Europe with their gnarled hands looking for the coins from Brussels? Do they not have an Irish Mammy who attended to their every whim and turned them into “mammy’s boy” material for life? Or are they kind, romantic, fit, muscular, relatively domesticated and a ‘good catch’?

1. Farmer’s Tan – most farmers are fit and healthy from [...]

Marriage For Irish Farmers Through the Ages

Would You Marry a Farmer?


Farmers haven’t always been seen as a good catch. Farming was often be a very isolated occupation, with the farmer living on an isolated farm, eking out a living and caring for an aged parent, usually a mother. The age difference between husband and wife could be a couple of decades in some cases, partly because the man could be in his 40s or 50s before he could afford to marry. His father might have died or die during the [...]