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My Farming Week: What’s in a name?, Tetchy Farmers, Sewing and Who Cooks?

Bachelor or Batchelor

You might remember me telling you about a calf we named Arthur dying some time ago. As he was born from our best cow, we were hopeful that he would be accepted by an AI station. And yes, they would have taken him to try him out. The good news though is they took another one. It will be the autumn before we find out if he will definitely be fathering lots of calves but here’s hoping.


Maggie Moo passes an important test

Maggie Moo here again 🙂 I’m getting really big and I’m really enjoying being out in a huge field with lots of lovely green grass to eat. We moved away from the field near the yard about 4 weeks ago. It was nice there as we could see the farmers working, we could see the cows going in to be milked and chat to them as they walked back to the field after milking. Sometimes the hens came up to [...]