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Getting A Negative Review in a Newspaper Wasn’t So Bad

How To Get Book Reviews& Why The Negative Ones Aren't So Bad

Around Christmas, I joked that I wondered if any female recipients of the gift of my book How To Be A Perfect Farm Wife┬áhad taken offence and thrown it at the head of the giver. I hoped that the front cover would give them enough hints that while it might sound like a marriage manual, it’s very tongue in cheek albeit with useful tips. One tweeter told me his girlfriend’s aunt told her to throw it at him but it [...]

Book Review: Anyush by Martine Madden

AnyushI had heard of Martine Madden’s book Anyush before I met her at the Stone House Books reader event but hadn’t got around to looking into it or reading the blurb or any reviews. My mistake but as I’ve read and enjoyed it now, the mistake has been rectified. I knew nothing about Armenian history and this novel, as it follows the tale of a fictional young girl, [...]

Review of Larsson’s Millennium Trilogy

Stieg LarssonThis will be a short review as I’m off to the UK tomorrow for two days and I still have lots of things to do! ?I first read Stieg Larsson’s Millennium trilogy over the Christmas of 2009. The children bought me the third book for Christmas and wrote on it including the date which is the only reason I remember which Christmas it was! ?I flew through it then [...]