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A Hen That’s Chicken!

Can hens fly?

They tend to fly downwards don’t they? They swoop down from their roost to the ground and they do a mixture between a fly and a jump when they want to reach something that’s a metre or two high.

We have a hen that was too chicken to fly! She had to be rescued!

The 3 hens are usually back inside their henhouse, all cosy on their roost by around 4:30 each day as it’s almost dark by then at [...]

What’s Ireland Eating?

Did you see the RTE programme ‘What’s Ireland Eating?’ last night, first shown here in May and back again. Borne from the book ‘Basketcase – What’s happened to Ireland’s Food’ by Philip Boucher-Hayes and Suz Campbell, Philip was the presenter on the programme, seen interviewing farmers, the general public, supermarkets, butchers, food processors and more to show how the supermarkets are enticing people into their shops with loss leaders, that the producer of that special offer is the one who [...]