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When’s The Best Christmas Time?

Cow decoration

I always feel the best of Christmas is after Christmas Day when any parties are over, the shopping is done and we can enjoy the fruits of our labour. When I was a kid, Christmas always started much later, with the decorations and tree going up around 19th, and most of the visiting happened after Christmas Day with visitors coming here and we going visiting to various people. As long as I could bring a book I was happy and [...]

10 Tips For Getting On With Your Mother-In-Law This Christmas

Tip for Mother in laws at Christmas

Mother-in-laws tend to have a bad reputation, commonly cast in films and soap operas as being interfering, self-righteous and jealous. Within a farming structure, they are often seen as desperate to keep the power they hold within the farm family and the community. But is that accurate? Is she really a villain or is she misunderstood? If her visit is putting a bit of a dampener on your Christmas, here’s some ways to make it easier too. Let’s start with [...]

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas everyone – it’s been a busy run up to Christmas with the online orders and generating new business for Write on Track too so I am really looking forward to battening down the hatches and relaxing in front of the fire with a book / crochet / chocolate / scrabble / lego / doll’s house / TV – you get the drift – I’m not going to be doing much running around for the next few days!

Apart from [...]