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Queen of the Herd

Queenie of Garrendenny HerdThis is our Queen of the Herd – number 476. She was born in 2000 and had her first calf in 2002, our first calving season here in Garrendenny. She’s getting pretty old and to be honest, most cows of her age and condition would have been culled by now. However, farming isn’t just about making a profit, there will [...]

Number 50 in EBI dairy herd ranking

When Brian told me yesterday that I was in the Farmer’s Journal, I was somewhat surprised. I was featured in the Irish Country Living part of it over 3 years ago and it gave my business great profile. I’ve been hoping to be featured again as the business has changed so much but it seems to be a case of if you have been featured once, that is it! They have occasionally featured my products in their new seasonal glossy [...]