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My Farming Week: Things Happening in Threes Again

Cows grazing late November

Things are happening in threes again and while they’re not good, they could have been a lot worse. You can’t open a farm paper or pick up a farming leaflet without seeing something about farm safety lately and while of course, it’s good to get the reminders, the worst reminder of all is when we read about a farm death or even worse, it happens to someone we know.

The problem is that many farmers are under time pressure to get [...]

My Farming Week: Neighbourhood Watch and Silver Linings

Cows purple evening

Neighbourhood watch in farming used to mean that when you got a phone call early in the morning or late at night you were told cattle or sheep were out on the road. Unfortunately, with the increase in rural crime, communities watches are being officially set up all over the place to try and prevent thefts. However, we benefitted from the old type a couple of weeks ago. We’d just let out the 67 yearling heifers and split them into [...]

My Farming Week: Am I A WAG?

Extract from an interview with a farm wife in the Irish Examiner last week

Do you ever notice that things seem to happen in threes? Be it good or bad, it seems that we either seem to get three bad events in a row or three good events. Now, how would you classify these three things that happened within the same hour on Saturday?

I spent Saturday morning finishing off the accounts for the accountant and then got stuck into some housework. The phone rang at 12:55 just as I was planning to have a [...]

Farm Safety Memorial Service and Review of Farm Safety Book for Children

30 people died on Irish farms last year and five of those were children. So far this year, 7 people have died on Irish farms. A huge improvement on last year considering we are half way through the year but still 7 too many.

The efforts of Norma and Brian Rohan in setting up Embrace Farm, the holding of a memorial church service last June and another one tomorrow, the focus of the media on farm safety and the [...]

Children In Tractor Cabs – Should It Be Allowed?

Ireland has seen 25 farm deaths this year, the most recent being a farmer smothered by barley and a lady killed by spooked cattle. These include at least three children. One child was on the tractor with his father and got down to play, his father didn’t see him in the grass and mowed him down with the mower. Another child died when a parent didn’t see him and the tyre of the vehicle pinned him against the wall. A [...]