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5 Tips on Attracting Eligible Farmers at the Ploughing Championships

How to attract and marry an eligibile farmer

Do you want to know how to attract an eligible farmer before you go to the Irish National Ploughing Championships this year? Farmers are now considered to be ‘a good catch’ and it’s not all down to the road frontage. They are seen as being hard working, eco friendly, kind to animals, community minded, dependable, fit and good looking. Add to that the wholesome goodness of bringing up a family in the countryside and you can see why farmers are [...]

Tips For Attracting An Eligible Farmer

Tips for attracting an eligible farmer at an agricultural show!

The lovely Denis Lehane posted these 5 tips within his feature in the Irish Examiner – just before the Ploughing Championships – and I’d sent them to him. These tips (and the book of course) got me 8 radio interviews that week?

Irish Examiner - September 2014

Irish Examiner – September 2014

5 Tips For Attracting An Eligible Farmer

  1. [...]