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Win a ‘Farm Picnic’ Kitchen Towel on the second day of Christmas

Farm Picnic Kitchen Towel

On the second day of Christmas, my true love gave to me …… a ‘farm picnic’ kitchen towel to remember those summer days of having dinner in the field where a tyre offered a backrest and an upturned bucket a seat and the food was tasty and the children raced around jumping over bales or swathes of silage. And you have a chance of winning one of these towels over on the Facebook page.


Update on ‘How To Be A Perfect Farm Wife’

Since I announced the title of my next book was going to be How To Be A Perfect Farm ?Wife, my dearly beloved has been giving me lots of teasing. If anything goes wrong (ie especially if a dinner tastes like it is lacking in love) or if he happens to trip over something in the scullery, I get the line ‘what would a Perfect Farm Wife do?’ – don’t even mention paperwork! Put it this way, I’m pretty sure [...]

Interview with Organic Beef Farmer Maria Phelan


12% of Ireland’s registered farmers are female. That means that the percentage of women farming registered with a herd number is 12%. Apparently half of that number are widows which suggest the majority of them are over 60. That translates into 6% of Ireland?s farmers being young and female. However, is this really a true reflection on the facts? I’m afraid I don’t have the time [...]

My Farming Week: What’s in a name?, Tetchy Farmers, Sewing and Who Cooks?

Bachelor or Batchelor

You might remember me telling you about a calf we named Arthur dying some time ago. As he was born from our best cow, we were hopeful that he would be accepted by an AI station. And yes, they would have taken him to try him out. The good news though is they took another one. It will be the autumn before we find out if he will definitely be fathering lots of calves but here’s hoping.


Farm Wives Then And Now

Lorna Bad Hair Day

Farm Wives Then and Now

(This article was originally published in Ireland’s Own magazine)

Farm Wives then and Now

Farm Wives Then and Now – Ireland’s Own Magazine

Farming in the mid twentieth century was very different to farm life now. While many farmers worked abroad or went to the mart weekly to trade cattle, most farm wives stayed at home. Their tasks weren’t limited to [...]