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My Farming Week – Farm Memories, Feeding Calves and Lots of Cake

Farming Memories

It was quite an uneventful week in many ways yet how can such an uneventful week still be so busy? The sun has started shining again and apparently it will be nice for the next week. As I collected Brian from the outfarm and brought my dad an icecream as he was rolling, memories from years ago in that field came back to me. The Chapel Field was re-seeded last year and the plan was to check there weren’t [...]

Farming Memories

Chopping and throwing sticks into a shed yesterday evening brought back lots of memories. Brian had sawed some of a fallen tree during the week and brought them in close to the woodshed. As he was chopping the trunk sections into thirds, I was throwing them into the back of the shed – to dry out for a few weeks before being chopped smaller. This is a job that should have been done during the summer – when evenings were [...]

Hallow’een Traditions – the ring in the barm brack

One of the definite hazards of working from home is that of putting on weight. It is all too easy when the brain is tired from writing an article or a blog post or uploading products to feel that you need a sugar kick with your cup of tea and being Irish, I just cannot enjoy a cup of tea without something to dunk in it! I recall being so surprised when I moved to England as when you were [...]