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Cheese Making, Birr Castle, Seven O’Clock Show and Birthdays


Once again, not so much farming in the last week although we did get a clear TB test. When you hear of some farms being almost decimated, it always causes a little bit of anxiety that week.

Blogging is going to be a bit erratic until the book is done and dusted! It’s been an extremely busy couple of weeks too – every week seems to have at least two or three things going on that absorb so much time and [...]

9 Ways To Identify A Farmer

Brian was crossing the road to the local shop the other day and a man stopped him and said ‘You look like a farmer’ Now, there were plenty of signs for his hugely intelligent statement – the fact Brian had climbed down from a tractor, the fact he probably had muck on his unironed clothes, the fact he was wearing wellies but sometimes the signs are a little bit more subtle. If you’re thinking a farmer would be a good [...]

Sunday Book Review: Million Acre Masterpiece

I’m reviewing picture books today but picture books with a difference! About this time last year, I ordered Fiona Lake’s photographic masterpieces. My ‘coffee table’ books of Cath Kidston and various interiors books have long been withdrawn to the bottom bookshelf and the coffee tables are used for lego and homework but these are the perfect coffee table books for all those interested in the beauty of farming.

Million Acre Masterpiece[...]

What time is your dinner at?

Farmers meals tend to be at different times to other occupations but they vary hugely between farmers too. Most farmers will have their dinner in the middle of the day, partly because they are near to the kitchen as work from home and partly because they start physical work so early in the morning, they need their meat, spuds and two vegetables by the mid day.

Beef Pie and Butterflies[...]

Births & Deaths

Daisy and Snickers

One of the things about farm living is that children become accustomed to births and deaths from a young age. I always told the children that any animals that died went to heaven because I felt it would be comforting to them and also should a grandparent die, they would be used to the idea but I remember telling Kate aged about 3 that a calf had died. ‘Where has he gone?’ she asked and I replied ‘Up to heaven’. [...]