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Become an Ideal Farm Husband – Ten Tips

An Ideal Farm Husband cover

An Ideal Farm Husband coverWe have all heard the expression and title of the book “Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus” but farm men come into their own. Usually brought up on the farm all their lives, they can find it hard to understand life from any other perspective, and if their dearly beloved is from a non farming background, allowances [...]

Ten Christmas Stocking Gift Ideas for Farmers


Whether it’s been a tough financial year, you’re spending most of the money on the kids or he’s spent a small fortune on new machinery and feeling guilty so telling you not to get him anything, it’s nice to be able to put some inexpensive gifts under the tree or into the stocking. The kids like to see the adults getting gifts too especially if there’s a fun reaction when they are opened up. I’ve come up with ten Christmas [...]

Mother’s Day Gifts for Farm Mums

Mother’s Day in 2015 falls on 15th March in Ireland, United Kingdom, Nigeria and Bangladesh, most other countries celebrate it on 10th May this year.

There’s ten days to go to the first Mother’s Day but bear in mind that some of these will require time to be delivered – so don’t dither around on ordering the perfect Mother’s Day gift.

#1 You Can’t Scare Me: I’m A Farmer’s Wife

Christmas Gifts for the Farmer’s Wife

What kind of Christmas gifts do farmers buy for their wives? Are some good at buying gifts, do others either get nothing or presume the wife will get her own gift? Do they both buy practical things for the house for Christmas?

My darling husband came in last night with what he said was my Christmas gift – a free diary from our feed company. His excuse was that it cost Farmers wife top[...]