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Mother-in-law Day: 7 Tips to ensure your Wife and Mother get on well


It’s Mother-in-law Day today! Have you treated your mother-in-law to flowers and a nice lunch? Has your spouse treated your mother to a nice lunch and a suprise gift? Or do you think that the creation of this day is just an attempt by Hallmark and other businesses to get money out of us so you’re going to ignore it? If you’re doing your job well as dutiful husband and son, you will be able to have a lovely family [...]

10 Tips For Getting On With Your Mother-In-Law This Christmas

Tip for Mother in laws at Christmas

Mother-in-laws tend to have a bad reputation, commonly cast in films and soap operas as being interfering, self-righteous and jealous. Within a farming structure, they are often seen as desperate to keep the power they hold within the farm family and the community. But is that accurate? Is she really a villain or is she misunderstood? If her visit is putting a bit of a dampener on your Christmas, here’s some ways to make it easier too. Let’s start with [...]

Ten Probable Differences Between You and Your Farming Mother-in-law


When you marry a farmer, you marry the farm and his whole family. As I mention in my book ‘Would You Marry A Farmer?, no matter how big a house is, it would be an unusual daughter-in-law and mother-in-law who find it large enough to contain the two of them without too many arguments. It’s often just the different personalities and ways of doing things that leads to a building of friction. The problem is that [...]