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10 Tips For Getting On With Your Mother-In-Law This Christmas

Tip for Mother in laws at Christmas

Mother-in-laws tend to have a bad reputation, commonly cast in films and soap operas as being interfering, self-righteous and jealous. Within a farming structure, they are often seen as desperate to keep the power they hold within the farm family and the community. But is that accurate? Is she really a villain or is she misunderstood? If her visit is putting a bit of a dampener on your Christmas, here’s some ways to make it easier too. Let’s start with [...]

Ten Probable Differences Between You and Your Farming Mother-in-law


When you marry a farmer, you marry the farm and his whole family. As I mention in my book ‘Would You Marry A Farmer?, no matter how big a house is, it would be an unusual daughter-in-law and mother-in-law who find it large enough to contain the two of them without too many arguments. It’s often just the different personalities and ways of doing things that leads to a building of friction. The problem is that [...]