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A New IFA or More Of The Old


I haven’t written a post on the IFA (Irish Farmers Association) since January, I had intended writing one before the election last week but April is turning out to be one of those ridiculously busy months (throw transferring to a company, visitors, bad weather and a double confirmation into an already busy time and you get the picture – just don’t mention book number 3 for a few days!). That post would have wished the candidates well and [...]

Interesting times for IFA next week


It’s going to be an interesting week in Irish farming politics this week. Before I write about upcoming events, perhaps some reflections on what has (or hasn’t) happened since the Con Lucey report was published.

What seems to be infuriating most farmers is that the report only went back to 2009 and there doesn’t seem to be any signs to reveal any key information before that date. Berkery (former General Secretary) and others are warning the IFA that they [...]