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Are you a Farmer, Female Farmer, Farmer’s Wife or Farmerette?

Are you a Farmer? 

Are you a Female Farmer?

Are you a Farmer’s Wife? Or perhaps a Farm Wife?

Are you a Farmerette?

There’s also the use of FarmHers and RancHers now too!


So what am I? In many ways, I am all of the above.

I’m a farmer – I own land and I have a herdnumber with over 300 head of cattle. I’m female so I am a female farmer too. I’m married to a farmer so some describe me as a farmer’s wife. [...]

9 Ways To Identify A Farmer

Brian was crossing the road to the local shop the other day and a man stopped him and said ‘You look like a farmer’ Now, there were plenty of signs for his hugely intelligent statement – the fact Brian had climbed down from a tractor, the fact he probably had muck on his unironed clothes, the fact he was wearing wellies but sometimes the signs are a little bit more subtle. If you’re thinking a farmer would be a good [...]

What It Means To Marry An Irish Farmer?

With St Patrick’s Day coming up, a common question that is circulating online is ‘What does it mean to be Irish?’ ?Having written a book which poses the question ‘Would You Marry A Farmer?‘ and answering the question with a ‘yes’ in the book, I was inwardly amused last week to hear myself muttering ‘who would be stupid enough to marry a farmer?’ as I tried to get a stubborn (and stupid) calf to drink milk late one [...]