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Why I Am Voting Yes

Ireland has a referendum tomorrow – all Irish citizens can vote on whether or not they think it is right for gay people to marry. Both the ‘Yes’ and the ‘No’ campaigns have been working hard and to be honest, I’ve a feeling it is going to be extremely close.

Mr & Mr Farmer

Mr & Mr Farmer

The reason there has to be a referendum is because [...]

My Farming Week – Mart, Multi-Tasking, Weddings, Work and Writing

It has been such a busy week, I lay down on the sofa after Sunday lunch and slept for over an hour. It’s not often I nap and I woke up feeling that my afternoon had vanished – so much for relaxing with my crochet or a book for a while.

Multi-Tasking Farm Bride

February has been a busy month all round. We’ve had a christening and a wedding in the family and all on the same day. Off we went to [...]

New Kitchen or New Harvester?

Fancy a new kitchen in the house or a new harvester? This is the dilemma poised by a farmer at the end of his recent Farmers Journal article.

Now, if you’ve moved into the original farmhouse rather than building a new house, you may have a 1960s or 1970s kitchen. Maybe it is nice enough to be considered retro and vintage and maybe it’s not! Here’s why a fancy new kitchen may be a better idea than a new [...]

Married A Farmer? You’ll Enjoy These Tweets

Twitter has been throwing up some great farming hashtags lately. There’s been #datingafarmer and #FiveWordsToRuinADateWithAFarmer and last night the #marriedafarmer hashtag took off. Considering I use #marryafarmer for my book, I just had to get involved with lots of tweets!

Here’s some of the best of the #marriedafarmer tweets:


How To Stay Married To A Farmer


Being married to a farmer has its challenges, there’s no doubt about it. Being married to a farmer means that you end up being bottle-washer, calf rearer, taxi service, book keeper, midwife, cook, cleaner, grass measurer, negotiator, sales person – you not only become a farmer yourself but you have to be one with bells on! So how do you stay married to one?

How to stay married to a farmer[...]