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Tips For Attracting An Eligible Farmer

Tips for attracting an eligible farmer at an agricultural show!

The lovely Denis Lehane posted these 5 tips within his feature in the Irish Examiner – just before the Ploughing Championships – and I’d sent them to him. These tips (and the book of course) got me 8 radio interviews that week?

Irish Examiner - September 2014

Irish Examiner – September 2014

5 Tips For Attracting An Eligible Farmer

  1. [...]

9 Ways To Identify A Farmer

Brian was crossing the road to the local shop the other day and a man stopped him and said ‘You look like a farmer’ Now, there were plenty of signs for his hugely intelligent statement – the fact Brian had climbed down from a tractor, the fact he probably had muck on his unironed clothes, the fact he was wearing wellies but sometimes the signs are a little bit more subtle. If you’re thinking a farmer would be a good [...]

Why Singles Should Go To Lisdoonvarna

Lisdoon, Lisdoon, Lisdoonvarna, that’s exactly where I headed last weekend. It seems much longer than 6 days ago as I’ve been to the Ploughing Championships in the meantime but more on that next week. This post is going to be about matchmaking and my first ever visit to that most famous of matchmaking spa towns, Lisdoonvarna with the famous matchmaker Willie Daly. Willie has been matchmaking with the help of his 150 year old ledger for many decades, just like [...]

How To Sort Cattle – with no arguments!

The job of sorting a batch of cattle into two groups (and the resulting swearing and shouting at each other) two years ago inspired a blog post which went on to inspire my book! I guess I have a lot to be grateful for to those awkward calves and my darling husband’s inadequate descriptions of “the black one” for three more or less equally black and white cattle, “the white one'”for three more or less equally black and [...]

Would You Marry A Farmer at Virginia Show?

I headed to the Virginia Show today armed with my pop up banner and a box of books to sell. I’ve never been to it before, it’s 2 hours drive so with cows to milk morning and evening, we’ve never made it that far. The committee have worked really hard to raise funds for and to build a new centre and it really is tremendous – cafe, meeting rooms, huge hall, lots of rooms upstairs, it really is [...]