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The Farmer Wants A Wife – Dating Tips For Farmers

Do you remember that nursery rhyme game? All the children would circle a single child in the middle of the group and chant ‘The Farmer wants a wife’ and the child (representing the farmer) would pick a girl to act as his wife. It then continued with ‘the wife wants a child’ and she duly picked a suitable ‘child’ and so it went on.

Please note – for the sake of convenience / argument in this post, I’m referring to farmers [...]

I Want To Marry A Farmer – But How?

Following tweets and updates about my Fundit project, I was asked by a couple of ladies ‘How can I find a farmer to marry?’. It seems my post about being married to a farmer hadn’t put them off!

muddy matchesSo it got me thinking! What does make a farmer such a desirable catch ? It can’t just be the possibility of road frontage and [...]