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Gifts for Farm Wives from Farmers

Farmer New Year Resolutions

I hope some farmers won’t give others a bad name, like my darling husband did when in the chemist last week. Popping in to get painkillers and antibiotics after a trip to the dentist (remember how the gate smashed into his mouth and broke a tooth), he decided to get his Wellness for Him (or whatever they are called) tablets as I keep forgetting to get them. And just to prove that he thinks of me, or doing his best [...]

Our Irish Christmas

Christmas is over! The farmer here has finished being tetchy at the thought of two three-quarter days off in a row, not to mention the fact that the shortest day of the year has now passed and he cherishes each extra couple of minutes of daylight that we get each year. Honestly, he and our working dog become more similar every year.

An Irish Christmas


I recently read an [...]