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My Farming Week: Sometimes it’s good to say No

Farmers Wife keeping all the plates in the air

I’m making some changes to my life for 2017.

Nothing too drastic – I’m not planning in running a marathon or even 5k. I’m too realistic to know that I’m not going to lose lots of weight.

But I am going to say “No” more often. Because after all, by saying “No” to something, I’m saying “Yes” to something else.

Farmers Wife keeping all the plates in the air[...]

My Farming Week: January 2017 #1

NFU magazine feature piece

It’s mid January and the advantage of going away on holidays early in the year means that the first fortnight of the year has flown by and the disadvantage is I feel I’ve loads to get done now before calving starts around 4th February. This week hasn’t had as much farming in it as I’ve been catching up on other things.

Getting Farmer on Holiday

I’ve had the most relaxing time though – all proved by the fact that the most ginormous [...]

Book Review: Butterfly Barn

Christmas to me means nativity and school plays, lots of good food, not to mention plenty of time for reading, relaxing, crocheting, writing and decorating. Hmmm, I think I need each day to have 36 hours instead of 24! I’m making slow progress with the decorating and didn’t read as much as I thought I would either but there was plenty of relaxation and board games!

I met Karen Power via twitter, a mutual friend introduced us to each other. Finding [...]