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Book Review: The Shepherd’s Life

Book ReviewThe Shepherd's Life

I’ve been meaning to read The Shepherd’s Life for some time. Judging by reviews on Amazon, most seemed to love it but a few felt there was too much repititon and there was an over-riding tone of anger and hostility so I was curious to see.

James Rebanks isn’t an ordinary farmer. It seems that he inherited his love of sheep farming from his paternal side and his love of books from his mother, studying in Oxford in his early 20s [...]

Interview with Leonie Vella, Irish Sheep Farmer


I met Leonie on Twitter where we first shared a chat comparing sheep and dairy farming I think. I was intrigued to discover that she didn’t have a farming background and yet, is now farming full-time as a sheep farmer. The journey from city life to spending hours in a lambing shed is an interesting one so I was delighted to interview about her life and times. I hope you enjoy the read too.

1.Hi Leonie, tell me a [...]