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My Farming Week: Neighbourhood Watch and Silver Linings

Cows purple evening

Neighbourhood watch in farming used to mean that when you got a phone call early in the morning or late at night you were told cattle or sheep were out on the road. Unfortunately, with the increase in rural crime, communities watches are being officially set up all over the place to try and prevent thefts. However, we benefitted from the old type a couple of weeks ago. We’d just let out the 67 yearling heifers and split them into [...]

Farmers: Optimistic or Pessimistic?

When I was interviewed by Ryan Tubridy last December (shameless name dropping there!) he was teasing that farmers tend to be negative, grumpy and pessimistic. “Not so,” was my reply “They are optimistic, they always see the silver lining but they can never be too positive as they just never know what is around the corner.”

After all, although we don’t get extreme weather here in Ireland, it can happen that sudden flash floods can still damage crops or make a [...]