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Money For Nothing

I am not particularly good with money.

I don’t mean that I spend lots. I hate clothes shopping. I tend to go very rarely but then spend a small fortune but that lasts me for at least six months. If I want a good dress for an occasion, I will go into a trusted shop, tell the assistant what I want (in terms of colour and length and usually ‘a flattering shape that covers my tummy’ type of request), if I [...]

First Anniversary and It’s A Good One!

It’s a year ago today (it was a Friday lunchtime) when 1000 copies of Would You Marry A Farmer? arrived to my hallway and piled up there in brown boxes. The smell of new paper filled the hall and landing for the first few days until we got used to it. ?I wasn’t too worried about selling the first thousand, I knew that 235 were going to my crowdfunding pledgers and I hoped to sell 500 in total by Christmas, [...]