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Valentine’s Night on the Farm – A Short Story

Gifts for Valentine's Day - never give wellies without jewellery!

Below is a draft of a short story I was writing up for Valentine’s Day ¬†until I ran out of time. I’d planned to read it tonight at the Carlow Writers’ reading night in Carlow Library but between not being able to make it there due to calf feeding and child collecting plus the fact that I needed to halve the word count and just didn’t get time, it hasn’t happened.

I’d love to know what you think of it. I [...]

How To Propose Marriage Farming Style

Marriage propose at an agricultural show

Thinking of getting married? Wondering when to propose? According to this research, Valentine’s Day is second to Christmas Eve for marriage proposals.

Apparently, a simple Will You Marry Me? is the most popular method of proposing (51%) but of course, there’s a variety of ways to do that. Here’s a few examples to give you some ideas and no, there’s no sign of a Miley / Glenroe¬†proposal in sight (something along the lines of knowing each other for some [...]

Valentine’s Day – Romance during the spring calving?

Valentine’s Day is coming up and as happens on most dairy and sheep farms, it happens smack in the middle of the busy calving and lambing season. The second and third week of February are usually our busiest week with our record being 12 calves in one 24 hour period – by the time the calf is delivered, ensured that it has received colostrum, been trained to drink from an artificial teat or bucket and that’s been done twelve times, [...]