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Girls Wearing Glasses Need Not Apply

I found some great Personal ads when I was researching for ‘Would You Marry A Farmer?’ Rather stupidly, I somehow lost all the ones I didn’t use so sometime, I must have a look again.

Here’s one of the ones that really made me laugh, from as recent as 1970! It was in the Anglo Celt. We just had to produce this illustration with the farmer, of course, wearing glasses as he visualises the wealthy and glamourous woman of his dreams. [...]

Book Suggestions for Farmers for Christmas

I’ve been reading a couple of books a week this year, well, most weeks and given that books are one of the most popular Christmas presents, plus there’s the fact that Christmas might be the only time of year that farmers really get to sit down and relax, I thought I’d share my favourite reads with you. Hopefully providing you with some gift inspiration too!

Irish farming lifeIrish Farming Life

I loved [...]

Tips For Attracting An Eligible Farmer

Tips for attracting an eligible farmer at an agricultural show!

The lovely Denis Lehane posted these 5 tips within his feature in the Irish Examiner – just before the Ploughing Championships – and I’d sent them to him. These tips (and the book of course) got me 8 radio interviews that week?

Irish Examiner - September 2014

Irish Examiner – September 2014

5 Tips For Attracting An Eligible Farmer

  1. [...]

Book Sales Update – At The Ploughing

Working from home means I don’t talk a lot. I can still remember having a croaky voice after a couple of days of teaching after each summer holiday – how the extra talking affects the voice and the energy levels. Talking for 3 days at the Ploughing Match last week made me feel like I’d been steam rollered by the end of the third day!

There were record crowds at Ireland’s biggest agricultural show this year, about 80,000 on days 1 [...]

Win a RabAlpine Jacket and Marry A Farmer!

Are you going to ‘The Ploughing’? Yes, the Ploughing Championships starts tomorrow and with the weather being so good, I’d imagine that even more people will attend over the 3 days than last year. There will be dust rather than mud! I was setting up today and the conditions are perfect. Well, the ground might be a bit hard for the ploughing but perfect for the rest of us!

I’m going to be there for the 3 days selling my ‘Would [...]