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Would You Marry A Sheep Farmer?

Farmers are supposed to be a good catch aren’t they? Salt of the earth, trustworthy, kind, good with animals (hopefully with people too), healthy, fit, community spirited, tanned (well, a farmer’s tan anyway) and in possession of some road frontage – what more would anyone want?! ?I’m often asked where might one find a nice eligible farmer? ?The choices vary between the Young Farmer Macra events, online dating sites such as Muddy Matches and the mart! ?There doesn’t [...]

A Double – Yoker Hen!

My childhood memories of my maternal grandmother are of going to collect eggs with her in a huge henhouse where eggs were piled in tall and wide egg laying boxes along one wall, she would fill a huge green bucket with them and we would give each egg a quick wash or wipe before putting them in trays. She ran a flourishing egg business with what seemed like hundreds of hens and chickens. The hens roamed in the field and [...]

The Latest From Garrendenny

Jack and DaisyIt’s been a busy few days. The lambs have been up and down – it seemed like Jack had joint ill (which could kill him) and then he was puffing and panting a bit so it looked like he had pneumonia. Daisy was a bit flaky and fussy for a day too so she got a nice big needle too. Happy to report that both are [...]