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Book Progress Report and your help with a survey

Time for an update on the book progress! It’s all going well though I’m very aware it is going to be tight to launch it around 25th November but I have a very impressive timetable (anyone who knows me knows I don’t do timetables or project management terribly well!) which is why it looks impressive! I’m sure to any project manager it would look extremely basic though.

Book Progress[...]

Silage and Scones

The weather has been incredibly hot here in Ireland – no rain for 16 days is almost unheard of. Farmers on dry land (who have been the envy of the rest of us for many years) are finding that what grass they had is just burning off and most are feeding the first cut of silage (which shouldn’t have been touched until next winter) and meal to cows and perhaps silage or hay to the rest of the stock. ?The [...]

Marriage For Irish Farmers Through the Ages

Would You Marry a Farmer?


Farmers haven’t always been seen as a good catch. Farming was often be a very isolated occupation, with the farmer living on an isolated farm, eking out a living and caring for an aged parent, usually a mother. The age difference between husband and wife could be a couple of decades in some cases, partly because the man could be in his 40s or 50s before he could afford to marry. His father might have died or die during the [...]