Twenty Irish Terms for Rain

When chatting to Ryan Tubridy about the book the other day, he seemed incredulous that I was able to think of twenty Irish terms for rain in a single evening – where on earth had I heard of them all? ?The fact is that Irish rain is described in these terms, it is rarely just described as rain. ?I’m not sure if the Inuit have the 40 terms for snow or not but the Irish surely have more than 20 terms for rain.

20 Irish Terms for Rain

Twenty Irish Terms for Rain

  1. Soft rain – rain that falls softly on your skin and on the grass.
  2. Mist – soft rain your can barely see or feel, it is almost like wet air.
  3. Drizzle – soft rain that soaks you in minutes even though it might only seem like a heavy mist.
  4. A grand soft day – soft rain on a warm day, perfect for grass growth.
  5. April showers – short bursts of heavy rain intermixed with sunshine.
  6. Cloudburst – a sudden heavy shower that does not last long.
  7. A squib – an attempt at a shower.
  8. Trying to rain – The clouds and air feel heavy, as though it is trying to rain.
  9. Driving rain – Rain that lashes against your windows, harsh and relentless.
  10. Lashing rain – Rain that falls in straighter lines than driving rain.
  11. Spitting rain – Large drops of angry rain that soak you immediately. It almost hurts your skin as it feels spiky.
  12. Pelting rain – A heavy version of spitting rain.
  13. Sun showers – Sunny days with sudden showers, similar to April showers except they occur during the other 11 months.
  14. Torrential rain – Heavy relentless and constant rain.
  15. Pouring rain – relentless heavy rain (similar to torrential rain).
  16. Heavens opened – A sudden and heavy shower of rain.
  17. A downpour – A sudden, long and very heavy shower of rain.
  18. A thunder shower – A sudden and heavy shower of rain during hot weather.
  19. Shocking rain – Rain that is so heavy, it just runs off the land in streams and rivulets.
  20. Raining cats and dogs – I think we borrowed this from the English but it means very heavy rain, rain that is so heavy, you wouldn’t be surprised to see other objects appear amongst the drops.

Have I missed any? ?Do let me know in the comments.

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