Wordless Wednesday – Cattle Dog

4 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday – Cattle Dog

    • Lorna

      Bit of both really Donna, it’s definitely part of his breed. He was one of 6 in an unplanned pregnancy in a neighbour’s dog. Their dogs are quite good but ours is amazing! A driver bringing our bulls to the factory recently commented on how another’s neighbour’s dog was good but ours was much better. He only tends to work well for Brian though – he’s okay for me but tends to follow his own opinion on what should be done rather than my instructions 🙂
      Brian did a fair bit of work with him but it’s the attachment is the main thing too. He went everywhere with Brian as a pup and is always on the tractor with him. You can see when he is working that he really wants to please Brian. He is chastised if he gets things wrong or is stupid but is praised when he works well and responds really well to it. So much of it is instinct such as seeing him crouch down and waiting. These dogs are so intelligent and really love to work.



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