About Irish Farmerette

Lorna-Sixsmith-author-pic-284x300Hi, I’m Lorna, married to Brian, and we are dairy farming in the South-East of Ireland. I used to be a secondary school teacher, then I had an online store for a while. I now provide social media eLearning courses at We Teach Social and provide social media training and content creation services at Write on Track. I used to co-organise the Blog Awards Ireland too but called an end to that in 2014.

In 2013 I had an idea to write a book so off I went and ran a crowdfunding campaign and self-published ‘Would You Marry A Farmer?, now available here on this website, all Irish bookshops and on Amazon kindle. It’s on its third print run (1000 each print run) so I’m pretty happy. If you haven’t read it yet – you must! I promise it is a very realistic but humourous look at farming life and it’s particularly perfect for anyone married to or thinking of marrying a farmer. If you live outside of Ireland, you can get it with free shipping from Kennys.ie!

My second book How To Be A Perfect Farm Wife was published in September 2015 and yes, although it might sound like a 1950s instruction manual, it has plenty of tips, historical detail, quizzes, humour and yes, it tells you how to cheat too. Here’s a review published in the Farming Independentt.

Oh, and you’ll find my co-authored social media ebook 365 Social Media Tips on Amazon too. Did I mention I like writing?


Mini Farmer – our daughter when aged about 5

We have two fabulous kids, a cattle dog, two pet lambs, 4 hens, numerous farm cats and we milk 110 cows in the SE of Ireland. I write about farming, personal stuff, writing, self-publishing and books here on this blog.

Farming Examiner 2/4/13 Lorna Sixsmith, Garrendenny, Crettyard, Carlow, Co. Laois pictured on the farm with from left Will aged 10, Brian and Kate aged 8. Picture Dylan Vaughan.

Our farming family March 2012  photo taken for Irish Examiner


Farming Examiner 2/4/13 Lorna Sixsmith, Garrendenny, Crettyard, Carlow, Co. Laois pictured on the farm with from left Will aged 10, Brian and Kate aged 8. Picture Dylan Vaughan.

March 2012 – during the long winter when it was so cold, the grass just would not grow!

I love when papers come and feature me – not just for the feature but for the family photographs in the relaxed setting of the farm! You’ll see more of the press coverage over on this Pinterest board.

Our farming family in March 2008. Photo taken by Farmers Journal



My claim to fame – being interviewed by Ryan Tubridy about my book. December 2013

I was interviewed by Louise Denvir for RTE Countrywide on 7th December and by Ryan Tubridy on 11th December 2013. I was so chuffed that Ryan thought highly of my book as he is such an avid reader. I’m really lucky as my books have been seen to be somewhat different and I’ve been interviewed on many local and a few national radio stations about my book – plus TV3’s Ireland AM and TG4’s Roisin.


I have more links to PR on my Press page. I’m an occasional panelist on TV3’s Midday now too!


Lorna on TV3’s Midday

I tend to be a tad outspoken when I’m passionate about something. Between blogging about the IFA, being interviewed on the Sean O’Rourke show about the 2015 debacle and ending up as a panelist on Prime Time, I think I’ll quieten down now for a while in 2016!

Lorna on Prime Time

It’s funny what crops up in terms of press coverage. RTE Today got me to show Amanda Brunker how to be a perfect farm wife. You can watch this former Miss Ireland stand in a gap, clip tails, feed calves and strip silage on the player up to 20th March.

Lorna on RTE Today

Anything else about me? I love life and hate paperwork – I think that sums me up! I’m allergic to cow’s milk (great for a dairy farmer!) but cope okay with dairy chocolate! I hope you enjoy the blog and do sign up for the newsletter too (it’s sent out about once every two months).