Which Calf Coat is Best?

Which calf coat is best

We started using calf coats last year as we were using large hutches to house some calves. We put the coats on at birth and left them on till almost weaned. As we’ve built a large calf shed this year, nice and airy but not overly warm on cold nights, we decided to use the calf coats again but remove after 3 or 4 weeks, wash and put on the next batch of newborns. We had about 40 coats from [...]

‘Let it snow, let it snow’

A shed of two halves

Storm Emma and the “Beast from the East” met to create some chaos in Ireland this past week. While we got a lot of snow and were snowed in for a few days, we weren’t in the worst affected county. We didn’t have to put in that much preparation as all livestock were housed in any case. We moved any heavily pregnant cows into the maternity shed to reduce the risk of having to move them across an icy yard. We [...]

When Farmers go to Cuba

Vintage Cars

It took a while to persuade Brian of the merits of an annual holiday but not being able to go away in January 2013 and a busy calving season that year convinced him. We were 25 years married last year so decided to go a bit further afield for our holiday this year as well as telling ourselves that we’d had a busy year and we deserved it! But where to go in January? We go away at this time [...]

Good News

Joe and Lorna on tractor 1970

Things usually happen in threes don’t they? Back in October / November, I had a number of good news things happen in a row but one had to be kept top secret:

  1. Book Deal with Black and White Publishing

First up, I got a book deal. As you probably know, I have three self-published books out now but I never really did anything about getting an agent or a publisher unless you count four emails to agents/ publishers which is a pretty [...]

Would I have been an Early Adopter or a Luddite?

Image from ICA book

I’ve been wondering recently what would I have been like if I’d lived during another era, I’m not thinking of too long ago, just the 1960s. I’ve been following the Electric Generations blog and Twitter account as they’ve been working on setting up their exhibition and thinking about the short talk I’m going to be delivering on 16th October. The exhibition shows how many people initially feared this new power – that it might be dangerous [...]