Book Blog Tour

How To Be A Perfect Farm WifeHow To Be A Perfect Farm Wife will be heading off on a book tour shortly, well, not just one copy of it. A number of bloggers are going to review my book from their own perspective or interview me about some aspect of writing and self-publishing my second book.

If you would like to follow along: here’s the blogs and the relevant dates:

3rd November 2015Irish American Mom by Mairead Geary

Mairead is Irish and has been living in the US for many years. Her lifestyle blog includes many book reviews, Irish recipes and reviews of various Irish crafts and other products. Written with a lovely personal approach, each post makes you feel as if you’re almost sitting behind her having a cup of tea. Mairead also reviewed Would You Marry A Farmer? when it came out.

Read Mairead’s review of How To Be A Perfect Farm Wife and try the apple crumble recipe too.

5th NovemberA Trip to Ireland by Rich Rennicks

Rich is also Irish and living in the US. A regular visitor to Ireland, his blog reflects on Irish culture and history and he includes many eloquen and thorough reviews of various genres of Irish books. As an aside, his blog won The Best Blog of the Irish Diaspora in the Blog Awards Ireland 2014 too. He also reviewed Would You Marry A Farmer? back in 2013 and here is his review of How To Be A Perfect Farm Wife

10th November Life on Hushabye Farm by Elizabeth McDonnell

Elizabeth and her family farm in the foothills of the Slieve Bloom Mountains with Alpacas. Her lifestyle blog includes posts with recipes, alpaca adventures and of course, parenting experiences. Elizabeth also blogs for Irish Country Living. You can read the review here.

12th NovemberThe TBR Pile by Sally Vince

This book review blog has one of the most thorough review posts I’ve come across – with views on the content of the book, the editorial input and design, other reviews and where to buy – all subdivided in clear sections. Most reviews are of independently published books or those published by small presses so it’s a good way to find ‘books off the beaten track’ too. My first book was reviewed on it in February 2015.

Sally interviewed me about the ups and downs of the self-publishing process. If you are thinking of writing a book yourself or indeed, self-publishing, I hope you find it informative.

17th NovemberModern Wife Modern Life by Ciara Meehan

Ciara is a historian currently researching Irish women’s magazines of the 1960s as well as researching and interviewing those with memories of various issues of living in the 1960s. She curated a fascinating exhibition during the summer and it will be visiting various locations around the country.

Ciara compares my book to the traditional marriage manuals and indeed, the humourous ones that are making a comeback. Very interesting to read a review from this perspective and I was delighted with her opinion on it.

19th November That’s Farming – Catherina Cunnane

Catherina is a young female farmer, farming with her dad in the West of Ireland. Hugely enthusiastic about all things farming, I was intrigued to see what a teenage farmer made of my book and it was interesting to see how it even evoked memories of childhood for a young farmer.

23rd NovemberThe Poor Farm – Donna O’Shaughnessy

Donna lives in the US. She and I hoped to meet during the summer as she was over in the West for a month as part of her English degree but unfortunately the weeks flew past for her with lectures, excursions and deadlines and there were no days left. Donna’s been blogging about farming for many years, all with a great sense of humour, and recently started a new blog when they sold their farm and farm shop and moved to a ten acre farm. Donna’s review shows she engaged so much with the content and I could just imagine her chuckling and shouting with laughter as she read chosen lines to her husband.