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Interview with Emma Lander, on Farmer’s Wife and Mummy blog – about Women in Farming – Feb 2017

Interview on Irish American Mom December 2016

Review on The Poor Farm November 2015

Review on That’s Farming November 2015

Review on Modern Wife Modern Wife by historian Ciara Meehan November 2015

In conversation with editor Sally Vince November 2015

Review in Life on Hushabye Farm November 2015

Review on A Trip to Ireland November 2015

Review on Irish American Mom November 2015

Review on Irish Independent September 2015

Review on The TBR Pile February 2015

Review on Horse and Countryside November 2014

Paddy of PJ Connolly April 2014

Donna of The MidLife Farmwife Feb 2014

Kevin of The Irish Golf Blog Feb 2014

Mairead of The Irish American Mom Dec 2013

Mona of Wise Words Dec 2013

Rich of A Trip to Ireland Dec 2013

Dee of Greenside Up Dec 2013

Heather of Muddy Matches Dec 2013

Interview with Derbhile of World of Writing Dec 2013



July 2017: Interview in Agriland re whether holidays are desirable or essential for farmers

May 2017: Interview in Agriland about “How to cope with Farm Burnout” – yes, chocolate plays an important role!

March 2017: Feature in Agriland on our Friesian Herd “Delivering nearly 500kg of milk solids

March 2017: Review in Mendip Timesread online here – page 10.

2017-05-09 11.23.14

Writers Forum magazine, February 2017, “I’ll give you the key

NFU magazine feature piece

NFU Magazine, February 2017, “Farmers, they’re a rare breed

Farmers Guardian, February 2017, “Wives feel it too

Farmers Guardian

Think Business website, February 2017, “Two mumpreneurs share their advice

That’s Farming, December 2016, Farmer’s Diary with Lorna Sixsmith.


perfect-farm-wife-review-in-irish-examinerIrish Examiner: December 2016 “Five must have books on home life for Christmas”

The Scottish Farmer: December 2016 “Book Reviews

Horse and Countryside: December 2016 “Book Review – An Ideal Farm Husband

Farmers Weekly: November 2016 “9 reasons why farmers are local heroes

Carlow Nationalist: November 2016 “Lorna wins top award for her books about life on the farm”

That’s Farming, November 2016 “Lorna Sixsmith wins award for “How to be a Perfect Farm Wife

Leinster Express: November 2016 “Perfect farm wife” from Laois wins prestigious writing award”

Irish Independent: September 2016 “Turning a good catch into an ideal husband



Scottish Farmer: 23 March 2016 “How to be a perfect farm wife and an interview with author Lorna Sixsmith”

review by Jonathan Bell in Farming Life

Review of Perfect Farm Wife in Horse and Countryside

Review of Perfect Farm Wife in Irish Independent

This review by author and historian Jonathan Bell was published in Farming Life (Northern Ireland) in March 2016.












Horse and Countryside

December 2015

Full review: Lorna’s second book on the ups and downs of life as a farmer’s wife is a delightful read, full of sharp observations on the realities of an agricultural life, mixed with a little social history, the odd recipe and some priceless tips on how to achieve the mythical status of the Perfect Farm Wife.  There are more serious chapters too, addressing vital but sometimes neglected topics such as keeping an eye on your farmer’s mental health and paying attention to the maintenance of your relationship.  It is a thoroughly enjoyable book and I will be giving copies to several friends who I suspect secretly harbour an ambition of becoming the Perfect Farm Wife.



Irish Independent

The Secrets of Being a Perfect Farm Wife

24th September 2015








Interview in Tangible Magazine December 2014  you can read full interview here.


The Farm Factor Tangible Magazine











Today’s Farm Magazine, produced by Teagasc, Ireland’s agricultural advisory agency.

September 2014








Irish Examiner  September 2014

Irish Examiner September 2014

























Would You Marry a Farmer? Carlow Nationalist August 2014



From Blogs to Books: Carlow Nationalist July 2014



Irish Farmerette in Ear To The Ground magazine. July 2014




Would You Marry A Farmer in The Slaney News May 2014



Sunday World 2/2/14 50 Shades of Hay





Featured on Backchat in Irish Country Living


The Journal 17/12/13 – Would You Marry A Farmer?

Agriland 6/7/13  The Farmer Wants a Wife

Carlow People 9/7/13  Lorna Asks ?Would You Marry A Farmer??

Irish Examiner 9/5/13  Blogger Lorna brings farming life to a new online generation


Review in Farming Independent


September 2017: Today SOR – at the Ploughing Championships. Panel on “Lack of women in executive positions in the IFA”

January 2017: RTE Countrywide – about the new group South East Women in Farming

December 2017: I was interviewed for the Leap of Faith show on Christmas Day

September 2017: Today SOR – at the Ploughing ChampionshipsLorna with Sean O'Rourke

September 2014: Interviewed 8 times  News Talk, KFM, KCLR 96 FM, Shannonside, South East Radio, Midlands 103FM and more

September 2015: Interviews included Sean O’Rourke on Radio One

2013-12-11-10.36.39-225x300 (1)Ryan Tubridy on Tubridy 2FM 11th December 2013









RTE Countrywide 7th December 2013

Joe Duffy Liveline – About self published books  19th December 2013

Ivan Yates NewsTalk Breakfast 6th January 2014

Kildare Today on KFM Radio 9th May 2014




You can watch the Youtube video of me showing Amanda Brunker how to be a perfect farm wife! Watch out for the bit where my sprong breaks when I’m standing on top of the silo!

Lorna on RTE Today

2014-12-11-12.18.22-1024x768 (1)

Roisin  TG4 December 2014

RTE Today

19th February 2016

Showing Amanda Brunker (former Miss Ireland) how to be a perfect farm wife














Roisin TG4 December 2014












Lorna on Vincent Browne









Panelist on Vincent Browne, TV3, September 2015

Panelist on Midday TV3 (started December 2014 – present)

Ireland Am  TV3 May 2014 (not available online unfortunately- the rather dodgy photo is just to prove I was on it!!)