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Children In Tractor Cabs – Should It Be Allowed?

Ireland has seen 25 farm deaths this year, the most recent being a farmer smothered by barley and a lady killed by spooked cattle. These include at least three children. One child was on the tractor with his father and got down to play, his father didn’t see him in the grass and mowed him down with the mower. Another child died when a parent didn’t see him and the tyre of the vehicle pinned him against the wall. A [...]

Farm Dangers

Apart from being really busy this week, everytime I went to post I thought of the Spence family in Co. Down who are now halved in number and lost all the male members of their family.

Slurry is so so dangerous – not just a risk of drowning which unfortunately happens if someone does slip in. When we heard the news last Saturday night, we presumed it was by drowning. However, it seems that a dog fell into the slurry. The [...]