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Book Sales Update – At The Ploughing

Working from home means I don’t talk a lot. I can still remember having a croaky voice after a couple of days of teaching after each summer holiday – how the extra talking affects the voice and the energy levels. Talking for 3 days at the Ploughing Match last week made me feel like I’d been steam rollered by the end of the third day!

There were record crowds at Ireland’s biggest agricultural show this year, about 80,000 on days 1 [...]

Why, What and How I Write

This post is a ‘tagging post’ amongst writers – a little bit of fun, gives readers a chance to get to know more writers and it’s interesting to see authors share the ‘Why, What and How’ they write. ?I was tagged by Pat Fitzpatrick, author of ‘Keep Away From Those Ferraris’, which I reviewed here some weeks ago.

What Am I Working On?

I’m supposed to be writing my second book but between writing lessons for We Teach [...]

How To Get Your Self-Published Book Into Bookshops

Are you thinking of self publishing a book? Many believe that self published books are only available from the author’s website, as ebooks or on Create Space but bookshops will stock self published books providing some criteria is met. Yes, printing your books is not cheap and depends cash up front but many readers still prefer to read the physical book rather than the ebook and furthermore, they expect to see it in bookshops.

Within Ireland, the main wholesalers are [...]

Self Publishing Update on ‘Would You Marry A Farmer?’

I’ve been reading Pat Fitzpatrick’s weekly posts about his self publishing journey with his book ‘Keep Away From Those Ferraris’ and it occurred to me that I should do something similar, but on a monthly basis rather than weekly. ?Coincidentally, when I checked the date for my last ‘progress update’ it was a month ago!

It is great that some authors are willing to share their sales figures. In one way, it could be seen as depressing [...]