Farm Memoirs of 2018 and 2019: Recommended Reads


I have always enjoyed reading farm and rural memoirs. My copies of James Herriot’s books are dog-eared and have been reread many times since I was a teenager. The success of recently published farm memoirs proved that the rural memoir is as popular as ever, perhaps even enjoying a renaissance as various sectors of society (indeed, 47% of people in Britain) show an interest in leaving their city lives and dream of living on a smallholding or perhaps [...]

Ten Christmas Stocking Gift Ideas for Farmers


Whether it’s been a tough financial year, you’re spending most of the money on the kids or he’s spent a small fortune on new machinery and feeling guilty so telling you not to get him anything, it’s nice to be able to put some inexpensive gifts under the tree or into the stocking. The kids like to see the adults getting gifts too especially if there’s a fun reaction when they are opened up. I’ve come up with ten Christmas [...]

11th Day of Christmas Giveaway- Which Mug Do You Like Best?

Mrs and Mrs Farmer Mug


You can choose today’s prize – for a chance to win, I just want to know which of these two designs would you prefer? Both were created before Ireland’s marriage referendum took place in May and of course, we know now that same sex marriage is allowed in Ireland but for a while, it was very much up in the air. The first mug (there is a handle, it’s just at the back) was inspired by the American [...]