Ten Christmas Stocking Gift Ideas for Farmers

Whether it’s been a tough financial year, you’re spending most of the money on the kids or he’s spent a small fortune on new machinery and feeling guilty so telling you not to get him anything, it’s nice to be able to put some inexpensive gifts under the tree or into the stocking. The kids like to see the adults getting gifts too especially if there’s a fun reaction when they are opened up. I’ve come up with ten Christmas stocking gift ideas for farmers so I hope they help you decide.

1.Sheep Cufflinks

Okay, farmers don’t often have the opportunity to wear cufflinks but if he does occasionally, wearing cufflinks with a smart yet farming theme is both stylish and fun.

Sheep Cufflinks - one of ten suggestions for gifts for farmers

There are quite a few different farm animals fashioned into cufflinks on Etsy but these sheep cufflinks are one of the inexpensive ones and I like the green background too.

2. Farmer T-Shirt

They always need more t-shirts and shirts and yes, the t-shirts are probably usually bought, plain, in packets of 3s, and fairly standard. What about a t-shirt that has humour, a picture of a tractor and even raises his self-esteem a bit too?

farmer-t-shirt - I like this for a Christmas gift

I’m liking this organic cotton t-shirt from Etsy.

3. Tractor Mug

tractor-mug-christmas gift

I’ve long been a fan of A Farmer’s Daughter, particularly her beautiful stationery. Many of her products include drawings of farm animals and who could fail to love this tractor mug. A nice gift for him.

4. Carbolic Soap


Bring him down memory lane with attractively packaged carbolic soap. Clean hands and a bit of a laugh as he takes it out of his Christmas stocking.

5. SuperFarmer Mug

Christmas Gift Idea - Super Farmer Mug

This is one of my illustrations from my last book and it’s one of my favourites. It’s now available on a mug from Zazzle – the perfect way to tell him you think he’s a superman / superfarmer. It says “Super Farmer” on the back, it can be customised (for example, you could add his name) and you can choose a different style and size of mug if you’d prefer.

6. A Cow Print


As it’s a stocking filler gift, you’ll probably opt for the print rather than the original painting and Irish author, Eoin O’Connor has a nice selection of cow and sheep prints available. My own personal favourite is Tinahely Girl and it is €30 for the smallest size. (Tinahely is a small rural town in Co. Wicklow).

7. An Ideal Farm Husband Book

Christmas Gift - An Ideal Farm HusbandHe’s probably convinced that he’s an ideal farm husband and indeed, there’s lots of quizzes in this book so he can check but this is a book you can enjoy together. Dip into it on Christmas Day and read sections out to each other. I promise there will be lots of laughs. Available in paperback from Amazon as well as my website.

8. Cow Mat or goat or sheep

I don’t mean the mats for the cows in their cubicle but a doormat. Okay, it’s for the house rather than him I suppose but as it will make him smile everytime he sees it, it might help him remember to wipe his feet too. There’s a great selection on Zazzle and many can be customised with your family name.

9. Home is where the Herd is


A farm isn’t just a business. As it is usually handed down from parent to child, farming families have huge attachment to their land and of course, to their animals too. This sign would give anyone a warm glow inside I think.

10. Practical Penknife

Let’s face it. Penknives are one of those essential products that get mislaid and turn up again so he needs a few. I think a penknife should be in the Christmas stocking every year – then he has no excuse! They don’t need to be the all singing all dancing knives that have every gadget under the sun – he’s only going to be cutting baler twine with it most of the time anyway so get a simple one with a single blade. Slimline then too!


How much of your Christmas shopping have you done so far? Are you one of those organised people who keeps lists and an eagle eye out for ideal gifts at bargain prices for everyone or do you start around 12th December? Go on, be honest, I’d love to hear.

I have to admit that I fall into the latter! I’m planning on buying a lot of people books this year so I’m really looking forward to spending time browsing in bookshops. Bliss!

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