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Book Update: All About The Book

Till the Cows Come Home - book design

I was chatting to a friend recently, I hadn’t seen her in months and she commented that I had kept my book quiet. Had I really? Surely I had told everyone. But then I realised that between finishing the boarding school book, writing the memoir, editing it and then into calving and the long winter, that I’ve been living the life of a hermit really. I’ve talked about it on social media but I haven’t been out much nor have [...]

Book Suggestions for Farmers for Christmas

I’ve been reading a couple of books a week this year, well, most weeks and given that books are one of the most popular Christmas presents, plus there’s the fact that Christmas might be the only time of year that farmers really get to sit down and relax, I thought I’d share my favourite reads with you. Hopefully providing you with some gift inspiration too!

Irish farming lifeIrish Farming Life

I loved [...]