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Letter to my 39 year old self

I’m teaching an online blogging course at the moment over at We Teach Social and one of the things I tell my blogging students is that reading other blogs can inspire your own posts. I have been thinking about writing a post to a younger self for a while and two blog posts I read recently have made me put fingers to keyboard here. ?I’m conscious that I’ve always been fairly independent, matter-of-fact, relatively fiery at times, always wanted to [...]

Crowdfunding Success for Marry A Farmer

Well, we did it – thank you. ?A huge community got behind me and helped to make my crowdfunding project a success. It was about 11:30pm last night and the pledges were coming in steadily, it was moving from 6% to 5% and down to 2% and then there was ?82 left, about 1.35%. So many people were tweeting me and messaging me and it seemed like there were so many of us refreshing the page on ?Fundit.


Derelict Cottage For Sale Garrendenny Lane

Garrendenny Lane was once populated with cottages and one two-storey house. Serving as a shortcut between the townslands of Kilgorey and Mayo, many people walked along it on their way to Mass, children walked along it to and from school – the lane being 1.5 miles whereas the long way round by the main road is about 3 miles.

Garrendenny Lane[...]

Silage and Scones

The weather has been incredibly hot here in Ireland – no rain for 16 days is almost unheard of. Farmers on dry land (who have been the envy of the rest of us for many years) are finding that what grass they had is just burning off and most are feeding the first cut of silage (which shouldn’t have been touched until next winter) and meal to cows and perhaps silage or hay to the rest of the stock. ?The [...]