Derelict Cottage For Sale Garrendenny Lane

Garrendenny Lane was once populated with cottages and one two-storey house. Serving as a shortcut between the townslands of Kilgorey and Mayo, many people walked along it on their way to Mass, children walked along it to and from school – the lane being 1.5 miles whereas the long way round by the main road is about 3 miles.

Garrendenny Lane

Back in the days before television, people visited each other in the evenings – having a drink, a chat and a laugh. Jimmy Lynup (for which our field Lynup’s Hill is named) lived in a small cottage and died in the mid 1970s.? Jack Bolger lived in this two-storey house without electricity for many years, often without water during the summer when the well ran dry and farmed his suckler herd, borrowing a tractor from his brother in Clogh occasionally.

Cutting Silage in the evening sun

We bought it 7 years ago along with 64 acres, it is separated from the main farm by the lane. I’d love to restore the house and live in it but I do wonder would it be too isolated for us in retirement – any visitors would need a jeep to navigate the lane!

Maggie and Paddy Wade lived in this cottage and farmed. I can remember them describing my brother always as the ‘boy who was born in the snow’ because there was heavy snow the month he was born and he was extremely fair. Believe it or not as you’ll only have seen pictures of my dark hair but most Sixsmiths are very blonde, almost with white eyelashes and eyebrows.

Cottage for Sale at Garrendenny

They died in the 80s and their cottage has been derelict since. A small 3 roomed cottage with a porch and small sash windows. As with all cottages of this type, the kitchen was sizeable and in the middle of the house with a bedroom at either end. A lean-to stood to one end where animals would have been housed in the winter.

Cottage for sale in Garrendenny

The cottage is now on sale along with a field of 4.5 acres with Leinster Marts. Perfect for a small holding or the cottage would make a quiet getaway with its yard.

This is the view from the side of the house.

View from Garrendenny Lane

The crowdfunding campaign is still going strong and will end on Wednesday at mid-day. With 45% still to achieve, it would be great if you could pledge to pre-order a copy of ‘Would You Marry A Farmer?’. It’ll be a great read and will make a brilliant Christmas gift.

2 thoughts on “Derelict Cottage For Sale Garrendenny Lane

  • Donna OShaughnessy

    What is the asking price Lorna? For years I have dreamed of owning a cottage in Ireland where I can stay for 2-3 months every winter, yes I love Irish winters, and then maybe rent it to tourists in the summer. Or not. And the more isolated the better. Are there any pics of inside? Would love to see them. Still praying for your Fundit program. It will a book worth every penny I am sure!

    • Lorna

      It was too dark that evening to take photos inside but I have featured it before. It’s pretty derelict. Would love to have you as a neighbour Donna but it is v isolated (word of warning) – would be cosy with a turf fire though. Sorry, I don’t know what the asking price is but there is a link there to the auctioneer – I didn’t contact them in case they thought we were interested (land adjoins us but we’ve no money left!), is divided in 2 lots so I presume it is cottage and then the small field separately.



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